fredag 28. mai 2021

China confirms ‘peaceful liberation’ of Tibet – archive, 1951

Hong Kong, 27 May: Peking radio confirmed to-night that an agreement for the “peaceful liberation” of Tibet by the Central People’s Government of China was signed in Peking on Wednesday.

The radio said that the agreement followed negotiations between representatives of the Central People’s Government and the Tibetan “Regional Government.” Conclusion of the agreement was celebrated on Thursday night at a gathering addressed by Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese communist leader. The agreement lays down that Tibet’s foreign affairs shall be handled by the Chinese government and that the Tibetan armed forces shall be merged with those of China. A joint military government commission and armed headquarters is to be established in Tibet to carry out the terms of the agreement. Tibet, says the agreement, shall cooperate in the stationing of Chinese “liberation” troops in the country.

General Chu Teh, the Chinese Commander-in-Chief, spoke at the signing ceremony, and said (according to Peking radio), “The Chinese People’s Government will help Tibet drive out Imperialists from Tibet and complete the unification of China’s territory and sovereignty.”