torsdag 1. april 2021

Yumi Hogan: The first Korean American first lady in the US: We will not stand silent any more

Forty one years. That's how long I have lived in the United States since emigrating from South Korea to pursue the American dream.

Twenty years. That's how long I spent working multiple jobs, often 14 or 16 hours a day, to raise three daughters as a single mother, all so they could have access to the countless opportunities this country has to offer.

I grew up on a chicken farm in a small town in South Korea as the youngest of eight kids. I was born nine years after the Korean War broke out. Most Koreans were poor. My family worked hard, and I was taught to be sober and diligent -- to never get lazy. Leftover and broken eggs that couldn't be sold from the farm were my snack. I walked 2 miles every day between home and school since there was no bus available.