mandag 12. april 2021

When China Rings The Bell In Xinjiang - Retail Crumbles

U.S. Secretary Of State Antony Blinken appeared on Meet the Press today and said (about Xinjiang): “we need to be looking at products that are made in that part of China to make sure they’re not coming here.” On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, China’s message to western retailers is equally clear. If you plan to work in China; if you plan to sell into our booming marketplace; all is fine - as long as you respect China nationalism. With America and China staring at each other from opposite sides of the pond, circumstances for retailers are definitely getting more and more complicated.

The backlash to China retail issues raised during recent days has created a moral dilemma for international companies, simply because “adjusted” social responsibility targets don’t always fit well with parent countries or with their respective consumers. Of course, there are some retailers whose only goal is to add sales volume, and a mission with that directive can only serve to dull politically acerbic public opinion. Looking at an in-depth analysis of this difficult issue at hand (about selling into China or buying product from China), we are reminded of the ancient Chinese proverb: “Those who ride the tiger often find it difficult to dismount.”