torsdag 1. april 2021

US Ambassador Makes First Visit to Taiwan in More Than 40 Years

U.S. Ambassador to Palau John Hennesey-Niland became the first sitting envoy to travel to Taiwan in an official capacity since Washington cut formal ties with Taipei in favor of Beijing in 1979. Hennessey was accompanying a delegation from the Pacific Island nation of Palau, including Palauan President Surangel Whipps Jr.

The visit coincides with the opening of a “travel bubble”between Taiwan and Palau, intended to promote safe travel with fewer COVID-related restrictions and create a boon for pandemic-hit tourism. Moreover, the presence of a U.S. official on this trip also provided an opportunity for Palau and the United States to display their solidarity with Taiwan amid ongoing diplomatic, economic, and military squeezing by the People’s Republic of China.