onsdag 21. april 2021

Top military official warns China and Russia are modernizing nuclear weapons faster than US

The top US military official who runs the American nuclear arsenal warned that China and Russia are modernizing their nuclear weapons and capabilities faster than the US, saying during a congressional hearing on Tuesday that if it does not start investing more in nuclear defense and infrastructure, the US will be "at risk of losing credibility in the eyes of our adversaries."

Russia is "aggressively engaged" in "conventional nuclear capability development and modernization, and are now roughly 80% complete while we are at zero," saId Adm. Charles Richard, the head of US Strategic Command, which oversees the US nuclear arsenal. "It is easier to describe what they are not modernizing -- nothing -- than what they are, which is pretty much everything," Richard said.

Richard said China is modernizing its nuclear capabilities so quickly that he "can't get through a week right now without finding out something we didn't know about China."