fredag 9. april 2021

Taiwan says it may ‘open fire’ on Chinese drones swarming its islands

Taiwanese officials have spotted Chinese drones flying around the Taiwanese-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea and, on Wednesday, the head of Taiwan’s Ocean Affairs Council said Taiwan could open fire on the drones.

Speaking before a session of Taiwan’s parliament, reported by Reuters, Lee Chung-wei, the chairman of Taiwan’s Ocean Affairs Council, said if Chinese drones enter Taiwanese airspace, Taiwan’s rules of engagement permit Taiwanese forces to shoot down the Chinese drones.“After it enters it will be handled under the rules. If we need to open fire, we open fire,” Lee said. Lee noted the Chinese drones have not yet breached Taiwanese airspace, saying, “They have never entered our restricted waters and airspace, they’ve just flown around them at a certain distance.”