tirsdag 27. april 2021

Taiwan Church Website Blocked by Hong Kong National Security Police

National security police in Hong Kong have apparently blocked the website of a church on the democratic island of Taiwan and hacked into its database after it raised funds to aid people fleeing arrest in connection with the 2019 protest movement, organizers told RFA on Monday.

Church member Hwang Chun-sheng said the site has been blocked for a week, and its database hacked. "It's pretty pointless just shutting down our public website; it's just tedious, and really it's all about scoring a big propaganda point with the domestic audience [in mainland China]," Hwang said. "But it is also an indicator of the mainlandization of Hong Kong ... maybe Hong Kong will be next [to be put behind the Great Firewall]," he said.

According to the Wei Wei Po newspaper, which is controlled by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Presbyterian Church had launched a fund-raising campaign to help people fleeing in the wake of the movement. "The Taiwan Presbyterian Church expressed support for rioters during the turmoil in Hong Kong over the [extradition] law, and was also implicated in investigations by the national security division of the Hong Kong Police Force into radio talk show host Giggs," the paper said.