lørdag 17. april 2021

Is China in danger of losing control of its rising nationalism?

About eight years ago, my colleagues and I were baffled when anti-Japanese protests in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao turned into violent clashes with police as Japanese restaurants and cars were vandalised. Since then, although Beijing has continued to cultivate nationalism in schools and the media, its expression has been strictly restricted to the online community.Cyber-nationalism was given a boost with the ascendancy of President Xi Jinping who stressed the importance of upholding confidence in the Communist Party in China’s political system and in its relations with the Western powers.

With nationalism now permeating all political, diplomatic, and economic spheres, it comes as no surprise that a social media post by the Communist Youth League denouncing an old H&M notice about Xinjiang cotton has triggered a nationalist backlash.