onsdag 21. april 2021

'I Will Treat The Chinese Consulate as My Husband's Cemetery'

Three years after prominent human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng disappeared from his cave dwelling home in the northern Chinese province of Shaanxi, his wife has called on the Chinese government to hand over his remains, as she believes he must be dead.

Gao's wife Geng He, who escaped to the U.S. with her son and daughter in January 2009, made the statement outside the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco on April 19. "I underestimated the evil of the Chinese Communist Party," Gao's wife Geng He wrote in a statement published to her Twitter account. "I don't have any dreams now. I only hope that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can return Gao Zhisheng's ashes to me for humanitarian reasons."

She read out a statement saying that she has had no news of any kind regarding the 57-year-old Gao's whereabouts or well-being in the three years since his last "disappearance." "[Gao] has been detained and persecuted by the CCP for 16 years, during which he was tortured, imprisoned in solitary confinement or subjected to several forcible disappearances," Geng said. "He hasn't had a single day of freedom. In the past three years ago, Gao Zhisheng has disappeared from house arrest," she said. "There have been no phone calls, no information. Nobody knows anything about him. It's as if he evaporated."