onsdag 7. april 2021

Hong Kong activists plead guilty but say ‘history will absolve us’

A prominent Hong Kong activist, Lee Cheuk-yan has declared “history will absolve” those on trial, after he pleaded guilty with the media mogul Jimmy Lai to taking part in an unauthorised assembly. The two were facing charges alongside former Democratic party chairman Yeung Sum over a pro-democracy protest on 31 August 2019, which was not authorised by police.

Lee and Lai were last week among another group of people convicted over organising and participating in an unauthorised rally on 18 August the same year, to which they had pleaded not guilty. The court was shown video footage of the trio at the rally, and media footage of Lee and Lai defending people’s participation, RTHK reported. On Wednesday the three pleaded guilty to the latest charge, but Lee told the court they had done “nothing wrong and history will absolve us”, according to local media.