fredag 2. april 2021

Chinese Embassy issues bizarre response after RTÉ journalist flees China with family

The Chinese Embassy in Ireland responded to reports of an Irish journalist fleeing China with her family for safety with a bizarre thread of tweets. RTÉ journalist Yvonne Murray spoke yesterday of how she had to flee China with her children over sinister threats to her husband. The couple moved to Taiwan after what was described as constant surveillance of Mr Sudworth by Chinese police, threats of legal action, official obstruction and increasing levels of intimidation.

Mr Sudworth has won numerous awards for his coverage of controversial issues in China, including the treatment of the Uyghur people in Xinjiang and cotton produced by forced labour. His coverage sparked a major backlash by the Chinese authorities. China also hit out at major western firms, including Nike and H&M, over the cotton issue. Speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s News at One yesterday, Ms Murray said; “We left in a hurry last week and it was really because the pressure and threats from the Chinese government became too much.”