onsdag 14. april 2021

China's four scathing words to US over Covid 'mess'

China continues to boldly push back against criticism of itsinfluence over the Covid-19 origins investigation, slamming the US's response to the pandemic with four damning words. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Tuesday evening was pressed on comments made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken where he suggested the investigation in Wuhan lacked transparency while vital data and access was withheld from Western experts.

An infuriated Mr Zhao once again took aim at the US, highlighting its daunting, world-high death toll of more than 560,000 – a figure he noted was 110 times that of China's – while summarising Washington's Covid response in four words. "Its moves can be summarised as scapegoating, blame-shifting, stigmatisation and politicisation," he told reporters. "It is immoral and irresponsible that some in the US always make an issue out of China whenever the topic of Covid-19 is brought up. China will never accept that."