torsdag 29. april 2021

China Set to Record First Fall in Population Since Great Famine

China will record its first population decline since the disastrous Great Leap Forward policies of late supreme leader Mao Zedong brought widespread famine to the country, killing tens of millions of people, according to a report in the Financial Times. The report cited people familiar with the results of the latest Chinese census, which has yet to be made public despite being completed in December 2020, as saying that the overall population has fallen below the 1.4 billion mark, after exceeding it in 2019.

The report prompted calls from Chinese social media users for the government to remove restrictions on single parenting, while feminists pointed to a growing unwillingness among women to comply with patriotic demands that they marry and have families. 

"If there aren't enough babies being born, then they need to normalize single parenthood," user @Xunyifeng said on the social media platform "Two women could even raise kids together as family, with their [female] lovers, or even two straight women with no sexual relationship, and the kids could take their mothers' surname," the user wrote.