onsdag 14. april 2021

Anti-Chinese racism 'abhorrent', 'counterproductive' to Australia's interests, senator says

Rising anti-Chinese sentiment among the Australian community is immoral and feeding into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, the chair of Parliament's intelligence and security committee has warned. Liberal senator James Paterson has called for more of the 1.2 million Chinese descendants who live and work in Australia to have their voices heard in the debate on the country's relations with China.

In comments made during his appearance on a new episode of the Australian National University's National Security Podcast, released Wednesday, the senator said it was "morally abhorrent" to make Chinese-Australians culpable for the actions of the Chinese government. "We really do need to make it very clear that we have no quarrel with the Chinese people ... certainly not those living in Australia, and that our disagreement and dispute is with the Chinese Communist Party," Senator Paterson said. "I also think it's counterproductive. We want to ... make them feel fully and equally participants of our democracy."