fredag 12. mars 2021

Why the Chinese Communist Party Sees Tibetan Monks as ‘Troublemakers’

The Tibetan freedom movement is at a critical juncture. The Dalai Lama will turn 90 in five years. In November and December, two poignant photos of His Holiness overlooking the snowclad Dhauladhar mountains, pointing his finger at the mountains in one and using binoculars in the other, were posted on his Instagram account. Looking at these photos metaphorically, His Holiness’ yearning to see his homeland is perceptible, like many other Tibetans who left their home behind decades ago. Unfortunately, the path home has not grown any shorter for Tibetans in exile.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is seemingly in no hurry to unknot its “nets in the sky, traps on the ground” approach to control and surveillance over Tibetans. Neither is China amenable to re-negotiations with the Tibetan leadership-in-exile.