tirsdag 30. mars 2021

Hong Kong: What is China's 'patriot' plan for electoral reform?

While some details of the plan remain unclear, Hong Kong media reports suggests several crucial changes: Candidates for Hong Kong's parliament, the Legislative Council (LegCo) are to be nominated by the Election Committee, a powerful pro-Beijing body which until now only elected the city's most senior official, the Chief Executive. Any prospective MP will be vetted by a separate screening committee, making it easy to bar anyone deemed critical of Beijing

The influence of directly elected MPs will be diluted. Until now, seats were split between MPs elected directly and MPs representing special interests such as business, banking and trade. But now a third group of about 40 lawmakers will be created, who will be chosen by the Election Committee. The number of directly elected MPs will fall from 35 to 20. Overall the number of LegCo seats goes up from 70 to 90.