lørdag 20. mars 2021

Hate turned my Asian-American mom into a shut-in. This isn't the country she left her homeland for

Hate has turned my once proud and confident Asian-American mother into a shut-in.
It's not because of the virus as Covid-19 continues to rage in my home state of California. It's because she is absolutely certain that as an older Asian woman with a limp she will be targeted by violence. THIS is the America she left her homeland for?

Since the horrific news of the Atlanta shootings broke, I've been stuck in this simmering rage while following events from afar here in Hong Kong. I can't hug my American family and friends. I can only communicate through screens and doomscroll online.

I'm told it's too early to call Tuesday's shootings a hate crime even though six of the eight victims who were shot at three separate locations were Asian women. ​
I'm told the alleged shooter was "having a bad day" and suffering from "sex addiction" after innocent Asian women were murdered while working to support themselves or their families.