torsdag 4. mars 2021

China's Communist party ran campaign to discredit BBC, thinktank finds

China’s Communist party orchestrated an international campaign to undermine the BBC and discredit its reporting during the first two months of the year, using western social media networks, an Australian thinktank has found. Attacks intensified in response to high-profile BBC reports, including an investigation into systemic rape in internment camps in Xinjiang that was broadcast in early February, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said, in its report, “Trigger Warning”.

It describes a “coordinated effort by the CCP’s propaganda apparatus … to discredit the BBC, distract international attention and recapture control of the narrative,” mostly outside Chinese borders. Researchers tracked posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – platforms that are blocked in mainland China – that were uploaded by diplomatic and state media accounts, and pro-Beijing influencers, and then amplified by troll networks.