torsdag 18. mars 2021

Biden’s blitzkrieg diplomacy is all about China

Ahead of an all-crucial meeting with high-ranking Chinese officials later this week in Alaska, top Biden administration officials are rallying regional allies for a united front against the Asian powerhouse.

In their first foreign trip (March 15-18), the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have embarked on “two plus two” meetings with their counterparts in Japan and South Korea, two treaty allies on the frontline of a brewing Sino-American rivalry. Thereafter, Austin is set to visit (March 19-21) India for a separate three-day visit, as Washington aims to enlist the Asian giant’s support in a broader concerted effort to check Beijing’s rising ambitions.

The tours come shortly after Biden’s hastily arranged inaugural virtual summit with “Quad” (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) counterparts, namely India, Japan and Australia.