søndag 21. februar 2021

Past Imperfect: The Future of India’s Farmer Protests

After several roadblocks, strikes and demonstrations, farmer unions protesting new agricultural laws commemorated two monthsof sitting at the borders of the Indian state of Delhi on January 26. A peaceful “tractor rally” by the protesting farmers was organized, parallel to India’s 72nd Republic Day celebrations inside the heart of the national capital, New Delhi. However, a dramatic turn of events, including the death of a young supporter, arrests, violence and the waving of a flag at the Red Fort quickly transformed the protest into a political maelstrom.

The protesting farmers remain apprehensive of the three farm laws passed last November by the Narendra Modi government, which according to them might lead to the dominance of the agricultural sector by big businesses to the detriment of small farmers. After 11 rounds of talks, the Modi government and farmers’ representatives have failed to find common ground.