fredag 5. februar 2021

'Let's learn about national security': Hong Kong releases video for young children

Hong Kong students as young as six will be taught about the national security law under a dramatic overhaul of the education curriculum. Notices sent out on Thursday require schools to prevent participation in political activities, increase monitoring of employees and teaching materials, remove books and flyers deemed to endanger national security, and to report to authorities if necessary.

New teaching materials include an animated video featuring an owl teaching a young boy and girl about the establishment of the national security law (NSL) and the individual offences. The animation – entitled Let’s Learn About National Security and accompanied by upbeat music and quirky sound effects – appears aimed at young children but uses technical and legal terms.

In one clip shared online, students learn that “for the sake of Hong Kong’s continuous development and long-term prosperity, the national security law has been enacted”, and lists out western countries that have adopted laws to safeguard national security.