fredag 26. februar 2021

China's Xi declares victory in ending extreme poverty

Chinese President Xi Jinping says his country has achieved the "miracle" of eradicating extreme poverty. His government says that over an eight-year period, nearly 100 million people have been lifted out of poverty. Speaking at a ceremony in Beijing, Mr Xi said it was a "complete victory" that would "go down in history".

But some experts have questioned the way this has been measured. In China, extreme poverty is defined as earning less than $620 (£440) a year.In his speech on Thursday, Mr Xi said the "arduous task of eradicating extreme poverty has been fulfilled"."According to the current criteria, all 98.99 million poor rural population have been taken out of poverty, and 832 poverty-stricken counties as well as 128,000 villages have been removed from the poverty list," he said.