fredag 19. februar 2021

China-India border clash in June left four Chinese dead, one injured, report reveals

China has for the first time revealed that four of its soldiers were killed, and one seriously wounded, in last year’s Himalayan border clash with India. Previously unknown details of the violent brawl, which broke out between PLA and Indian troops in the Galwan Valley in June, were also made public, in a PLA Daily newspaper report on Friday detailing honours awarded to the five soldiers. 

According to the report, which blamed India for the casualties without naming it, the deadly encounter was sparked by Indian troops crossing to the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control between the two countries in the remote region.Until now, it had only been confirmed that at least one Chinese soldier was killed in the encounter, which also left at least 20 Indians dead. Many of the Indian soldiers were said to have died from their injuries because they could not get treatment in time in the remote and high-altitude location.