tirsdag 12. januar 2021

Xi Jinping says ‘time and momentum on China’s side’ as he sets out Communist Party vision

Chinese President Xi Jinping has laid out his vision for the Communist Party for the next three decades, calling for conviction and confidence in the face of unprecedented global challenges. Xi told a top-level meeting in Beijing on Monday that he believed “time and momentum are on China’s side”, despite challenges including the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain disruptions, deteriorating relations with the West and a slowing economy.

“The world is in a turbulent time that is unprecedented in the past century,” Xi said in the speech, according to party mouthpiece People’s Daily. “But time and momentum are on our side. This is where we show our conviction and resilience, as well as our determination and confidence.”

He was addressing leading cadres at a meeting on the fifth plenum – an important closed-door gathering in October on China’s medium- and long-term plans for social and economic development to 2025.