onsdag 27. januar 2021

Vietnam's party congress picks new communist leaders

Vietnam's political elite is gathering to choose the country's leadership for the next five years amid a largely successful battle against Covid-19 and a booming economy. In most other countries, we'd look at something along the lines of a general election.

But Vietnam has a communist government, and leadership is done differently. Think of the tightly choreographed political theatre one sees at China's or North Korea's party congresses, and you get the idea. Vietnam is a lot like that, albeit slightly more low-key.The country is one of Asia's fastest growing economies and a linchpin of stability in the region. Like China, it's essentially a booming capitalist powerhouse underneath a communist cloak. The government has successfully established ties with both China and the US, putting the country into a very good strategic position.

Economically, Vietnam has good relations with both of those superpowers - and the current trade dispute between Beijing and Washington has put it into an even better position.