lørdag 23. januar 2021

Tibetan Monk Dies After Beatings, Torture in Chinese Prison

A 19 year-old Tibetan monk has died of injuries sustained from beatings and torture in a Chinese prison in Sichuan’s Kardze prefecture after being released in a comatose state by his jailers, Tibetan sources say. Tenzin Nyima, also called Tamey, was detained in August 2020 after distributing leaflets and shouting slogans calling for Tibetan independence, and died on Tuesday in Kardze’s (in Chinese, Ganzi’s) Dartsedo (Kangding) county, a Tibetan living in India told RFA on Friday.

“On Nov. 12, 2020 we learned that he had been admitted to a hospital in Dartsedo for treatment,” RFA’s source said, speaking on condition of anonymity and citing source in the Kardze area. “Then, on Jan. 19, he returned home from the hospital in a weak physical condition,” he said. “But he had been tortured and mistreated inside the prison, which led to his paralyzed state and critical condition of health, RFA’s source said.

“Because of bans in India now on Chinese social media apps, which were our usual means of getting information out of Tibet, we’re not able to get more information now about Tamey following his death,” he said.