torsdag 28. januar 2021

Red Fort riot was India’s ‘Capitol Hill moment’

The deterioration of two-month-long peaceful protests outside Delhi by as many as 100,000 farmers into lawless rioting and violent clashes on India’s Republic Day could hit India’s efforts to attract investment, create new jobs and generally improve the economic environment. Some commentators have described the riot as India’s “Capitol Hill moment” as protestors invaded the historic Red Fort and installed flags representing farmers and Sikhism in the place of the national flag on January 26.

The Red Fort is considered sacrosanct in India and used for independence day addresses to the nation by prime ministers. Rioting, tear-gas blasts, caning and violent jostling left hundreds of farmers and more than 300 policemen injured. Farmers across 20 states also held protests against the three farm laws at the heart of the conflict.