mandag 18. januar 2021

Palau’s new president vows to confront “bullying” China

Palau’s president-elect has vowed to confront China’s “bullying” in the Pacific and said the small archipelagic state would support the alliance between its “true friends”, the United States and Taiwan. 52-year-old Surangel Whipps Jr., a supermarket owner and two-time senator from Palau’s prominent family, will replace his brother-in-law Tommy Remengesau Jr. on January 21st.

In a frank interview with the Guardian, Whips said the United States has been a trusted friend of Palau for many years and has recently shown that it has been vaccinated with 6,000 model nacorona virus vaccines as part of Operation Warp Speed ​​in the United States. “It is important for each country to share the values ​​of supporting and cooperating with each other. There seems to be competition. [between the US and China] But that’s their competition. It’s about what we believe. “

“There is the idea that the United States and China are competing. I think the real meaning is the exercise of freedom and democracy. In many cases, the big powers want to bully the small ones. For us. It is important to have a strong partner that exists in. “