tirsdag 5. januar 2021

One Year After Li Wenliang's Death, Whistleblower, Relatives Still Feel The Heat

One year after the death of whistleblowing Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang, authorities in the central province of Hubei are keeping his family under tight surveillance and restrictions, while his colleague and fellow whistleblower Ai Fen is no longer able to work after failing to receive treatment for a detached retina, RFA has learned.

An official working in the Hubei provincial health administration said both Li's widow, children, and elderly parents remain under "stability maintenance" measures, one year after the ophthalmologist's death from COVID-19, which came after he and seven colleagues were reprimanded and questioned by police for trying to warn the world about the newly emerging pandemic virus. Faced with relentless pressure from the authorities, Li's widow has taken the couple's two children back to live in her hometown in provincial Hubei, the official, who gave only a surname Liu, told RFA.

The authorities have also put huge pressure on Li's elderly parents, who have been unable to get over their son's untimely death, to prevent them from talking to the media, Liu said.