lørdag 30. januar 2021

Just like Pfizer, China says vaccines can beat new strains

Virologists and vaccine specialists with China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Wednesday they had a detailed plan to upgrade homegrown vaccines against Covid-19 to “version 2.0” within two months to stop the spread of new mutant strains found across the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The claim coincided with Pfizer’s announcement on Wednesday that its Covid-19 vaccine works against mutated variants found in the UK and South Africa, according to a lab study. China’s claim comes as local firms SinoPharm and Sinovac crank out their Covid-19 shots for mass inoculations. While admitting that the antibodies induced by existing Chinese-made shots may be less effective in neutralizing new more contagious variants of the virus, NHC experts told Xinhua and the People’s Daily that a tweak to the vaccine formulas and manufacturing process could be achieved within 60 days.