mandag 4. januar 2021

Coronavirus crisis has jolted India to strengthen itself and step up on the global stage

The year 2020 is one that all would like to forget in a hurry. The coronavirus pandemic created a global crisis with no parallels in living memory. Governments around the world were forced to deal simultaneously with a catastrophic health emergency, massive economic shocks and serious social disruption.

Despite this, 2020 will be remembered in India as a year of reckoning when government and citizenry came together in a whole-of-society response marked by determination and discipline. From an economy that previously did not make ventilators, testing kits, personal protective equipment (PPE) and N95 masks, India was soon manufacturing enough of them to cater not only to its own needs, but also for export. More than 15,000 dedicated Covid-19 treatment facilities were set up across the country. Our high recovery rate (over 95 per cent) and low case-fatality rate (less than 1.5 per cent) speak for themselves.