lørdag 16. januar 2021

Chinese Activist Who Supported Hong Kong Protests Faces 'Subversion' Charg

Authorities in the central Chinese province of Hunan are investigating prominent rights activist Ou Biaofeng, who is currently under criminal detention for "subversion," for supporting the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, RFA has learned. A person familiar with the case told RFA on Friday that the Hunan police's line of enquiry had emerged after they summoned several fellow activists and questioned them about Ou's activities during a trip to Hong Kong as early as 2014.

"The state security police are claiming that he went to Hong Kong to 'study,' which likely refers to [alleged] training by hostile foreign forces," the person said, adding that they had also questioned people about whether Ou had received money from anyone while he was in the city.

"Going to collect money also points [in their minds] to collusion with hostile foreign forces," the person said. "There's not much a rights activist can do when they decide they are going to charge you with that kind of thing."