lørdag 23. januar 2021

China's Energy Flows Strained by COVID, Record Cold

China's struggles with energy shortages and the effects of extreme weather are raising questions about conflicts in government policies. Since December, the government has been challenged by an extraordinary confluence of pressures on the country's energy supplies and its ability to meet demands for home heating and economic recovery.

The burdens on China's energy delivery networks and supply capacity may be the greatest in over a decade. "Frigid weather across north Asia has caught utilities and liquefied natural gas (LNG) importers off guard as demand for power lowered inventories and pushed spot prices to record levels," Reuters reported on Jan. 8. In Beijing, one of the coldest winters since 1966 drove temperatures down to minus 19.6 degrees Celsius (minus 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit), the official Xinhua news agency reported.