mandag 11. januar 2021

China Warns of 'Final Madness' in Last Days of Trump Presidency

Beijing has warned that President Donald Trump's administration is intensifying hard-line U.S. measures against China in the final days of the Republican leader's tenure in office, a period marked by political chaos and instability in Washington.

As the U.S. capital continues to assess damage dealt Wednesday to the Capitol Building by violent pro-Trump protesters and prepares to host President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration in less than two weeks, Chinese officials have been watching closely to assess the potential impact of these events on U.S. foreign policy.

The Trump administration has levied an unremitting barrage of criticism against China. Even as the nation was left reeling by the Capitol riots, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a salvo of statements criticizing the ruling Chinese Communist Party, which he has designated the top threat to global trade, human rights and international security.