torsdag 14. januar 2021

China records first Covid death since May as WHO team arrives in Wuhan

Mainland China has reported its first Covid-19 death in eight months, as a team of experts from the World Health Organisation landed in Wuhan to investigate the origins of the pandemic.

The delegation will quarantine for two weeks before beginning their inquiries. Their arrival, which was live-streamed by state media, came after almost a year of negotiations with the WHO, and diplomatic spats between China – which has been trying to change the narrative about where the virus came from – and other countries who demanded it allow a “robust” independent investigation.

No details of China’s 4,635th death were provided on Thursday, except that the person was in Hebei province, the main site of China’s worst outbreak in months and where new lockdowns have been imposed on tens of millions of people. It is the first death from the disease since May.