fredag 8. januar 2021

China 'misled world' on Hong Kong security law, says Dominic Raab

The British foreign secretary has accused China of deliberately misleading the world when it passed its new security law in Hong Kong last year in the wake of the latest crackdown on the opposition in the territory.

Dominic Raab reiterated the UK’s offer to holders of British national (overseas) passports in the city to come and live in Britain, and said: “The mass arrest of politicians and activists in Hong Kong is a grievous attack on Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms as protected under the joint declaration,” which set out the terms of the return of the territory from the UK to China in 1997.

“These arrests demonstrate that the Hong Kong and Chinese authorities deliberately misled the world about the true purpose of the national security law, which is being used to crush dissent and opposing political views. The UK will not turn our backs on the people of Hong Kong and will continue to offer British nationals (overseas) [citizens] the right to live and work in the UK.”