fredag 29. januar 2021

Activist detained at airport barred from leaving China to care for ill wife, contact cut off

Veteran activist Guo Feixiong has been barred from leaving China to reunite with his wife who is ill with cancer in the United States. The 54-year-old former human rights lawyer was prevented from leaving the country from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Thursday evening. In a text message he shared with the South China Morning Post, he said customs officials told him he could not leave and accused him of “endangering national security”.

“I was stopped at customs and not allowed to leave,” Guo’s message said. “I will now begin an indefinite hunger strike and I hope the Chinese people, and governments and people around the world would give me urgent assistance,” it said, echoing Guo’s previous appeals to netizens to spread concerns about his situation and to international communities to consider his situation on humanitarian grounds.