mandag 21. desember 2020

Taiwan Says China Wants to Spy on Nations, Steal Data Through Undersea Cable Networks

Taiwan has claimed that China is backing private investment in Pacific undersea cable networks as a way to spy on foreign nations and steal data from its rivals, following a report this week that the U.S. is warning Pacific nations against awarding cable contracts to Chinese state-linked firms.

Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou told Newsweek Friday that China is planning to "monopolize" Pacific information and communication networks as a means to snoop on other nations and steal valuable information and data.

Reuters reported Thursday that the U.S. government is concerned about possible Chinese involvement in the Kiribati Connectivity Project (KCP), which will improve connection to the small island nations of Kiribati, Nauru and the Federated States of Micronesia. The KCP cables are also planned to connect to the HANTRU-1 network that serves Guam, a U.S. Pacific territory that has significant strategic value given its proximity to China, North Korea, and the rest of east Asia, and a significant American military presence.