onsdag 30. desember 2020

‘Revenge’: China’s new warning to Australia amid trade spat

China has taken fresh aim at Australia, accusing it of “stigmatising” and “demonising” the Asian superpower by “associating bilateral ties with political ideologies or geopolitics”. A new editorial published by China Daily, a publication owned by the Chinese Communist Party, accused Australia of “perceiving [China] to be a threat” by seeing the state “through an ideological prism”.

The editorial took issue with a recent article published by the Sydney Morning Herald that revealed that the Federal Government was considering axing a Victorian research partnership with China’s Jiangsu province. The program, inked by the Victorian state government in 2015 and renewed in 2019, allows the state’s companies and universities to share intellectual property and create new products with companies from Jiangsu province, SMH reported.