tirsdag 22. desember 2020

China's trade war with Australia is having very real consequences for stranded seafarers

Intensifying trade tensions between China and Australia are now leaving seafarers in limbo, as dozens of ships remain stranded near the Chinese coast. The ship — sailing under a Panamanian flag — is owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a Swiss-Italian international shipping group.Bulk carrier Anastasia sailed from Queensland's Hay Point port on July 19, carrying about 90,000 tonnes of Australian coal, according to the ship's 2nd officer, Gaurav Singh.

Anastasia arrived at the Caofeidian port in north-east China on August 3, and has been moored in the nearby Bohai Bay ever since, because Chinese authorities prohibited it from offloading its cargo. Mr Singh told the ABC that 16 out of 18 crew members on Anastasia were from India, alongside a Filipino and a Russian.