mandag 7. desember 2020

Biden's Chance to Challenge China | Opinion

When it comes to managing relations with China, a nation drawing on centuries of statecraft to inform its strategic designs, president-elect Joe Biden has no better asset than his own political maturity. After a bitter presidential campaign, the new Biden team will be tempted to jettison all of President Donald Trump's foreign policies. That would be a mistake that Biden is unlikely to make as a longtime veteran of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and former vice president who saw his role partly as serving as a foreign affairs tutor to a young commander in chief in Barack Obama.

If they don't know it already, Biden's top policymakers will quickly learn that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will not change its strategy simply because the U.S. has a new president. Beijing will continue its attempts to push America out of Asia by weakening U.S. alliances and neutralizing the American military's power projection capabilities. The regime's efforts to reshape the international order to better serve the CCP's authoritarian system of governance will continue unabated.