mandag 9. november 2020

'Stand By Her': China university students campaign to end period shaming

Chinese students have launched a program setting up free sanitary pad dispensers in toilets at universities across the country in a bid to end period shaming of young women. “Sanitary pad support boxes” have been set up in almost 250 campuses following a campaign on social media by an advocacy group called Stand By Her. Those who take from the period support boxes are encouraged to help replenish its stock later.

Wang Ping, a third-year student at Minzu University in the southern province of Yunnan, said that with the help of about a dozen volunteers, the group had set up 10 boxes around the school. “We are doing this in hopes of putting an end to period shaming and rejecting the stigma of menstruation,” she said. “We are not avoiding talking about but facing it head-on.”