mandag 16. november 2020

From love to thug, what President-elect Biden means for North Korea

North Korea has still not reacted to the United States' presidential election. Its silence speaks volumes.
According to analysts, it's highly unlikely that President-elect Joe Biden would have been North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's preferred candidate. President Donald Trump has been unique among American leaders for his willingness to personally engage with Kim, providing him with a sense of legitimacy on the world stage, even though those efforts have since stalled.

"I do think North Korea would be disappointed that Trump didn't win," said Ambassador Joseph Yun, a former US special representative for North Korea policy under both Presidents Obama and Trump.
"For them, Trump was a big deal, they had three summit meetings, unprecedented meetings."
The highly unusual relationship was underscored by the countless missives, described by Trump as "love letters," that the two men exchanged during Trump's four years in office.