søndag 22. november 2020

Five Eyes Countries Issue Joint Statement on Hong Kong

The foreign ministers of United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom issued a joint statement on November 18 expressing their concern about increasing Chinese curbs on Hong Kong’s autonomy, and Beijing’s imposition of rules that would disqualify elected legislators in particular. The statement notes: “Following the imposition of the National Security Law and postponement of September’s Legislative Council elections, this decision further undermines Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and rights and freedoms.”

Earlier on November 18, Hong Kong police had arrested three former opposition lawmakers – Ted Hui, Eddie Chu, and Raymond Chan – on charges that they had disrupted legislative proceedings in May. (Seven legislators were also arrested on similar charges on November 1.) Last week, 15 pre-democracy legislators had quit the LegCo after China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed a resolution enabling the Hong Kong government to disqualify legislators Alvin Yeung, Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki, and Kenneth Leung.