mandag 9. november 2020

Donald Trump may be on the way out, but he could break more China before he leaves

With few signs that US President Donald Trump will leave office gracefully after his defeat, experts and former officials see a growing risk that he could make disruptive moves to double down on priorities and tie his successor’s hands in his final months in the White House.

The victory of former vice-president Joe Biden on Saturday came as Trump has refused to accept the vote counts that had been coming in since Tuesday night. Without evidence, Trump has accused Democrats of widespread electoral fraud, filed a slew of poll-related lawsuits and cast doubt on his commitment to a peaceful transfer of power.

“I think there is a good chance for mischief across a range of US polices leading up to the inauguration” on January 20, said James Green, a Georgetown University senior fellow and former trade negotiator based in the US embassy in Beijing. “In terms of cooperative handover procedures, I worry about that. It seems to me one of those norms that the Trump administration has no interest in upholding.”