mandag 30. november 2020

China's patriotic media continues tirade against Australia

China's patriotic media has again increased the vitriol aimed at Australia with an English-language editorial claiming that Beijing's "goodwill" was "futile" when dealing with an "evil" country. The Global Times editorial claims that Prime Minister Scott Morrison "lost his manners" when he criticised the tweet of a Chinese foreign ministry figure for using a concocted image to take a swipe at Australia over its handling of the Afghanistan war crimes investigation.

"As China-Australia relations remained warm in the past, Chinese society did not find fault with imports from Australia," the editorial claims. "But now, Canberra implements a wolf-style policy toward China and has become the most savage accomplice of US suppression of China." Showing little willingness to lower the temperature on the language in the diplomatic dispute between China and Australia, the editorial makes the claim that Australia is a "warhound" of the US, and says Australia "treats China's goodwill with evil."