torsdag 12. november 2020

China is breaking Hong Kong treaty with UK, says Dominic Raab

Beijing’s imposition of new rules disqualifying opposition legislators in Hong Kong constitutes a breach of legally binding international commitments, the UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has said. Raab said the move represented a “clear breach” of the Sino-British joint declaration, which was supposed to guarantee Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy under Chinese rule. In a statement, Raab said the UK would work with allies to hold the Chinese government to its obligations under international law.

“China has once again broken its promises and undermined Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy,” said Raab. “The UK will stand up for the people of Hong Kong, and call out violations of their rights and freedoms. With our international partners, we will hold China to the obligations it freely assumed under international law.”