onsdag 11. november 2020

China-Australia relations: Canberra ‘should know’ how to improve relationship, Beijing says

China has fired another shot in the ongoing trade dispute with Australia, with assistant minister of commerce Li Chenggang saying on Wednesday that Canberra knows “what it needs to do to improve this relationship”.

The two nations have been involved in a seven-month conflict involving both trade and non-trade matters, with new restrictions on imports of a list of Australian products, namely barley, sugar, red wine, logs, coal, lobster, copper ore and concentrate, believed to have come into force on Friday.“China has upheld a pragmatic attitude to actively pursuing economic and trade relations with all trade partners,” Li said Wednesday at a press conference in Beijing.

“Everyone knows that both sides need to overcome and push to establish a healthy relationship. As to the behaviour of Australia, Australia should know more clearly than us [what it needs to do].”