mandag 19. oktober 2020

Trudeau: Canada won’t stop calling for human rights in China

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday his government will not stop standing up for human rights in China. On Thursday, the Chinese ambassador to Canada warned Ottawa against granting asylum to Hong Kong residents fleeing the situation. Cong Peiwu said if Canada cares about 300,000 Canadian citizens in Hong Kong — and Canadian companies doing business there — it should support efforts to fight what he called fight violent crime.

“We will stand up loudly and clearly for human rights,” Trudeau said. “Whether it’s talking about the situation faced by the Uighurs, whether it’s talking about the very concerning situation in Hong Kong, whether it’s calling out China for its coercive diplomacy.” Trudeau said Canada stands with with allies around the world and the United States, to Australia, to Great Britain, to European nations to many nations around the world who share these concerns.

Canada’s opposition Conservative leader said the Chinese ambassador should apologize or be expelled from Canada.