torsdag 8. oktober 2020

Huawei: 'Clear evidence of collusion' with Chinese Communist Party

There is "clear evidence of collusion" between Huawei and the "Chinese Communist Party apparatus", a parliamentary inquiry has concluded. And the MPs say the government may need to bring forward a deadline set for the Chinese firm's 5G kit to be removed from the UK's mobile networks. Huawei has responded by saying "this report lacks credibility as it is built on opinion rather than fact". But the latest accusation poses a further challenge to its business.

Although the company's options in the UK are now limited, it is still trying to sell its 5G telecoms infrastructure to other parts of Europe and beyond, having invested heavily in the technology. "We're sure people will see through these accusations of collusion and remember instead what Huawei has delivered for Britain over the past 20 years," a spokesman for the company said.